Case Film

Realizing the coincidence that Skoda’s ‘Simply Clever’ tagline sounded similar to the Taiwanese word for ‘Just Dance’, we enlisted ‘Handsome Dancer’ whose contagious shoulder-shaking dance video had made them a YouTube hit.


Localizing the contagious dance and surprise launching it was key. In order to remain top of mind, we developed four waves of communication, each with a specific purpose:

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Please turn on English subtitle.

Behind The Scene Video

Karaoke Video

To sustain the buzz, we created a tutorial video on how to shoulder-shake accurately for those who want to re-create the video. We planted the idea that the dance can help alleviate road rage. Moreover, we installed the song in Karaoke establishments, most popular in Taiwan so that people can sing and enjoy together.


We succeeded in getting Taiwan up on its feet and creating a national dance movement. The four videos have been viewed over 14.3 million times total, which is equal to 60% of Taiwan’s population. The music video even became a viral hit in the Czech Republic, the home of ŠKODA. The video turned SKODA, a practical and rational brand, into something surprising that captured the hearts and minds of Taiwanese.