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Cathay Real Estate Cooperate Image Film

55th Anniversary Film

Cathay Real Estate Cooperate Image Film


Brand | Cathay Real Estate

55th Anniversary Film, 56th Anniversary Film

Cathay Real Estate has been adhering to the spirit of insistence all the way. Over the years, it has always strictly adhered to the construction management standards such as "SOP Strict Standards" and "Three-level Quality Management", and has built countless homes for Taiwanese.

REDBIT has produced anniversary image videos for Cathay Real Estate for two consecutive years. From ideating, scripts writing to film production, we have built up a "reliable and trustworthy" brand spirit/image for our customer through documentary and plot aesthetics.


The flourish of Taiwan is credit to all the hard-working people who are unremitting. Through this film, Cathay Real Estate wants to pay tribute to all Taiwanese who has been making contributions to our society in their whole lives, also commits to adhere to the spirit of insistence to build our homeland continuously.

Creativity & Storyline|

《Salute to Taiwan》: On-the-spot interviews with local experts from all walks of life, including tea farmers, indigo dyeing masters, cheongsam masters, gardeners, ironwork masters, etc. Through their hard work and careful hands, their dedicated spirit and insistence on quality, they present the enthusiasm, perseverance, and feelings of passion. Also, paying tribute to our homeland Taiwan through the records and narratives from the video.

56th Anniversary Film


In light of the good accomplishment of the 55th anniversary film had made and its complete viewing rate, we decided to film continuously as the focus promotion for the next coming year. This idea is also used as a medium of communication with the house owners appeared in the film.

Creativity & Storyline|

The three films "Ideal One", "Safe and Sound" and "Not So Easy" showcasing three different houses and the house owners.

Through images and narration in this video, we quantify the efforts they (have to ) pay to buy each single house, because Cathay Real Estate knows "Your single effort, is real."

Cathay Real Estate knows how hard it is for people to buy a house, so it will continue devoting itself to construct high quality houses to bring people the best happiness. Cathay Real Estate—Knows the real you.

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